Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Dead Alive.....(aka brain dead)

The other night I introduced my daughter  to a great fun,gory ,film I love called Dead Alive ,aka Brain Dead.
If your a fan of Evil Dead type films from the 80's You will love this 90's release.Here is a description I found on Amazon.com. ...
If you're not a connoisseur of graphic horror and gruesome gore, you'd better steer clear of this wicked 1992 horror-comedy from the demented mind and delirious camera of New Zealand-born writer-director Peter Jackson. However, if nonstop mayhem and extreme violence are your idea of great entertainment, you're sure to appreciate Jackson's gleefully inventive approach to a story that can judiciously be described as sick, twisted, and totally outrageous. The movie's central character is a poor schmuck named Lionel who's practically enslaved to his domineering mother. But when ol' Mum gets bitten by a rare and poisonous rat monkey from Skull Island and is turned into a flesh-eating zombie, Lionel has the unfortunate task of keeping Mama happy while fending off all the other zombies that result from her voracious feeding frenzies. If you've read this far, you'll either be crying out for censorship or eagerly awaiting your first viewing (or second, or third...) of this wildly clever and audaciously uninhibited movie. And while director Jackson would later achieve critical success with his fact-based drama Heavenly Creatures, his talent is readily evident in this earlier effort. If you find this kind of thing even remotely appealing, consider Dead Alive a must-see movie. --Jeff Shannon
here is the trailer if you haven't seen it already.


Buy Dead Alive here......

Here are some Images from the film ....

Sunday, July 21, 2013

.....social d ?......

Almost done with this piece. Should be picked up this week. 
I tend to start too many projects which take my focus away from finishing things. 

2 baby bats....

My son Gavin and daughter Lilith :) 
It seems so unfair how fast they grow.
Only one missing is their brother Kaleb.

Bunny nubbins take one?

Bunny nubbins 
A work in progress:)

Monday, July 8, 2013

Boats on the flood land......

Today it was nice and rainy! My girlfriend and our son Gavin started playing in the rain like if we were all kids again. Ok Gavin is 3 but still;). Natalie and I often talk about silly simple things we did as kids. Small stuff that made for such wonderful memories. Things that now as adults we see as fun but not too smart. For example when we were little we would run around in puddles and slightly flooded streets . Sure it still sounds fun to do but the first thing that jumps into our minds now as adults is how dirty that water running down the street is. 
Its sad feeling like you have lost most of the wonder and passion for simplicity that the world offers us.  We all have it burried deep in us. And at times it still comes out. Maybe its a somg or the chill of winter that brings back memories and warm smiles or maybe its a rainy day with flooded streets! Today was that day for us and I must say it was wonderful sharing that with our son and each other. 
Like two fools lost in a flooded street on a rainy day we had a blast playing with Gavin up and down the street. I tied some rope to one of his toy boats and let him set sail:) He was so happy and the smile on his face was just amazing!
Natalie captured this photo of him walking down the street with his boat . 

Thursday, July 4, 2013