Friday, May 31, 2013

Mode Moderne- radio heartbeat

This song reminds me of my daughter. She listens to it all the time. :) Great band. I'm glad we have similar interests in music.

 Here are some links to their music.....

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Thursday, May 30, 2013


Here is a flyer for the Underground 80s night Im doing tonight at Wax lounge in San Antonio,TX.
Looking forward to it as I rarely seem to make it out anywhere as of late.

Elybat beyond ScoobyDome?

Had a dream that I was living in some post apocalyptic world where I  lived on the outskirts of a large city populated by fearful groups of people who rarely ventured out of the city. Their reason for this was largely due to the violent gangs that inhabited the surrounding area. 
I was apparently part of  this violent gang and had recently left on my own 
trying to get away from the life I was living . I knew the gang would be quick
 to find me as I had made off with their prized vehicle which was the
 fastest in the wasteland. These "road warriors" were a crazed bunch 
known for their lack of compassion and ruthless ways. 
In the dream I was a loner refusing to take on any type of companionship.
That is untill one day that a woman ventured out of the city into the wasteland.
The woman in my dream ( my girlfriend in the waking world;) stumbled upon my
camp while I was away and was met with an unwelcome tone when I returned. 
To make a long story short she grew on me and became my companion and things 
began to take a rather pleasant turn in my rather drab depressing life. 
Then one day my old gang caught up with me. Demanding their vehicle back
And in taking notice of my beautiful female companion they did exactly what 
any crazed blood thirsty band of thugs would do.....they began to grovel
and whine !....WAIT, WHAT!??? 
That's right, this is where my dream becomes derailed and completely 
scatterbrained pulling from various memories.
See the rumored blood thirsty clan was nothing more than a group of
abnoxious , mismatched animated characters from my childhood! 
Lets see from what I can remember some of the annoying characters were
Scobby doo as well as Captain Caveman and that infuriating Speedbuggy 
that constantly spit and struggled to do anything helpful . Both Captain 
Caveman and Speed Buggy recently appeared in a Scooby Doo Mystery inc. cartoon 
that my youngest son is quite fond of. In the dreams i had to battle giant 
spiders which also appeared in a cartoon. 
Looks like I have watched Mad Max movies and Scooby cartoons a 
little too much!
If you dont remember just how annoying these characters were and wish to 
punish yourselves here are some links. 
Don't do yourself the favor ;)

Ok, gotta admit ..... I still think Mad Max is cool :)

Baby Bats, dolls, and a grim outlook...oh my!

As I mentioned before I I have 3 kids which I refer to as my baby bats :) They are as most parents would say, the reason I am alive. When I was younger I never expected to have children. It was simply "not in the cards" I was very depressed growing up. I unfortunately went through some fucked up things and realized early on that things for what ever reason were not stacking up in my favor. My father was a raging alcoholic who was both emotionally and physically abusive. He kept company with some rather unsavory types. School too was very difficult for me as I was more of a loner and often clung on to the outcasts. I always rooted for the underdog as I saw myself as such. Sadly this too landed me in hot water . So all in all entering my late teens I had a grim view of the future and had little faith that I would make it past 20 let alone have children of my own. I did however have a crazy obsession with the name Lilith. One day while going through my parents garage full of junk which belonged to a previous owner I stumbled upon a dirty beat up doll . I picked it up and immediately became drawn into its eyes. I kept her and named her Lilith. She was the doll that started my doll collecting. Also she became the catalyst for the life long interest in modifying dolls and other items. She sat on my desk for about a month until I decided to clean her up. Boy did I ever! First I cut off all her hair. second I removed her head and cut open her belly leaving it as a flap that could be opened and closed. Then I created a spine for her out of epoxy and gave her temporary organs made of various foods,fake blood, and plastic things I had collected. Lastly I put her had back on and painted her white with black creating features like a widows peak complete with eyeliner,black lips,nail , and a hooded black cloak which wrapped around her open belly displaying her wonderful organs. Anyway...when I first became a father ,I was beyond happy to hear that it was a girl! Instantly I named her Lilith. No second thoughts needed. Her middle name I wanted to be Ghost. Lilith Ghost but her mother decided against it. But I still call her Lilith Ghost. Especially when my 2000 baby ,(now 12 years going on 16 :P) steps out of line . She has grown so fast,as if in the blink of an eye. Following her was my middle baby bat named Kaleb or super k as we call him . Or Cake as Lilith refers to him.Don't ask, I have no idea but it cracks me up for sure ,especially when he responds to it. Kaleb looks a lot like me when I was his age and is very loud and like his sister rarely stops to breathe while talking and talking and talking...but mainly its the broken volume knob one first notices. He is quite the character . He just turned 7 years old and is heavy into video games . Finally I have someone to play games with especially retro games which he is totally into as well :) Third is their step brother Gavin. He is now 3 years old and soon to be 4. He is also a character . He climbs the wall when around his brother and while still quite shy around others he is very fearless where as Kaleb and Lilith are more likely to cringe at the sight of a bug . Gavin runs straight into things with no fear. I love them so very much. I have suffered from depression and a panic disorder most of my life and honestly don't believe I would be here if it wasn't for them. No matter how upset I am, they always put a smile on my face! Gotta love those baby bats!

Wednesday, May 29, 2013


As mentioned before, I also go by Malediction.
Its my alias .....
I host club nights here in San Antonio ,Tx. from time to time.
They range from underground 80s nights including bands like B-movie, Depeche Mode, Secession , Smiths,Clan of Xymox, Book of Love,Bolshoi,etc..
Also I have done and continue to do various Goth/Post Punk / Deathrock nights including a spooky monthly Party at the Thirsty Camel called 1313,which includes artists and bands like.. Alien sex Fiend, Christian Death,Bloody Dead and Sexy, Sisters of Mercy,Bauhaus, Specimen, Killing Joke,etc..
Expect more details soon .

Three shots and away we go.....Life in the Bat House!

I decided to start a new blog to express myself and my love for my children (baby bats),art ,music,life ,stupid luck , and what ever else might come along.
I told myself I wouldn't start another social type thing that needs updating as I'm a lazy bat and am horrible at keeping things up to date. BUT, here I am starting another blog. I never learn.

I have a facebook profile, which can be found  here :
Here's a link to my Tumblr page as well.:

till next time, hello and good bye.
keep it spooky